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At first it’s a mystery as to who the leader of the group is, but it will eventually be pretty obvious that it’s somebody we’ve met before.” That somebody is Kreel. Agent 5241, was last seen working in Grakkus the Hutt’s arena.

He crossed paths with Luke there and even helped him prepare for a fight with a little lightsaber coaching, but that wasn’t the last of Kreel’s story.

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And even though I recognize that Facebook is simply a human highlight reel, for a moment … this thought creeped into my head: “My life cannot possibly compete with this.”Turns out, I’m not alone.

In a new report, German university researchers have shown that feeling jealous about Facebook friends is commonplace and leads to a vicious “envy spiral.”I was amazed to read that more than one-third of their respondents reported predominantly negative feelings such as frustration and anger when they read their Facebook news feed.

The researchers identified that Facebook Envy is caused from observing “copious amounts of positive news” from seemingly successful friends they otherwise would not be able to obtain without Facebook.

It teaches how to sit and think about what a person is saying and how to interpret it intellectually, but not how to be fully present to this person.

The number one reason that we don't get our needs met, we don't express them. If we do express needs, the number two reasons we don't our needs met, we don't make clear requests.